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Language is key to identity, self-expression, and community.

Every child of God deserves to experience His Word in their own language. Language barriers lock the men, women, and children of the world’s minority people groups into a life of poverty, isolation, and damaged dignity. Working in partnership with local organizations, OneBook is transforming communities through language development, Bible translation, mother-tongue literacy initiatives, and life-changing community development programs.

Logos-Bible Translation

Transforming societies through the power of God’s Word. Our projects equip and empower local men and women to translate Scripture into the heart language of their people. 


The ability to read and write one’s language is a foundational skill that impacts every aspect of life: self-esteem, spiritual fulfillment, interpersonal relationships, physical wellbeing, and economic opportunity.  


The impact of OneBook’s Bible translation and literacy projects reaches far beyond the pulpit and the classroom. Entire communities are being changed forever. 

Local and Lasting

At the completion of each project, we strives to leave communities with flourishing mother-tongue literacy, healthy churches, and local men and women empowered and equipped to continue the mission. 

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