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The impact of OneBook’s Bible translation and literacy projects reaches far beyond the pulpit and the classroom. Entire communities are being changed forever.

• Men and women are being equipped for a better life through Scripture engagement, church- and community-based mother-tongue literacy classes, and functional literacy initiatives.
• Common illness and communicable diseases are being controlled, as families comprehend public health information and implement prevention strategies.
• Parents are starting to value education for their children and fewer kids are dropping out of school.
• Farmers are better able to provide for their families, as they learn about and apply new methods to improve their crops.
• Entrepreneurs and merchants are enjoying new prosperity, as they start small businesses and communicate effectively in the marketplace.
• Communities are starting to recognize the inherent value, rights, and great potential of their mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives.
• Girls are being educated, violence against women is being condemned, and they are gaining opportunities they never dreamed possible.
• Relationships are being repaired as men and women apply biblical principles to their marriages, friendships, and business transactions.

Literacy initiatives are providing a new perspective on God’s Word and an opportunity to engage with the gospel in areas closed-off to evangelism. New churches and Bible studies are being planted in unexpected places, and local churches are growing. Above all, people are choosing to love and follow Jesus. These are amazing transformations, but the work is far from over if these changes are to last.

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