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All OneBook projects are rooted in our fundamental belief that wherever possible, local people serving in their own country, among their own people, are best suited to carry out translation and literacy work in their communities. OneBook empowers, equips, and encourages them as they serve. Partnerships are forged with local churches and schools, and local culture is respected and preserved.

Early in each Bible translation and literacy project, locally-led oversight committees are assembled to encourage support for both Bible translation and literacy initiatives, and to promote local ownership of mother-tongue materials. Ongoing communication with local schools and government departments bolsters mother-tongue literacy and often leads to partnerships.

OneBook’s projects seek to simultaneously glorify the Lord and honour the local culture, recognizing that Christians speak thousands of languages and worship Jesus in many ways. Intentional connections are made through initiatives such as creating worship songs using heritage melodies and instruments, sharing the gospel through traditional storytelling, and affirming culturally-relevant expressions of Christian worship. As local ownership of Bible translation and literacy initiatives increases, the social and spiritual transformation initially ushered in by the project becomes intricately woven into the fabric of the community.

One of the most challenging aspects of any mission is a successful exit. OneBook is committed to ensuring that we, and our partners, are excellent stewards of the precious communities that have been entrusted to our service. We understand that in discipleship the journey is just as important as the destination, so every language, literacy, and Scripture-engagement initiative and the transformed life these bring proceeds from and leads back to Jesus.

At the completion of each project, OneBook strives to leave communities with flourishing mother-tongue literacy, healthy churches, and local men and women empowered and equipped to continue the mission. The valuable skills in project design, management, translation techniques, and adult education that local communities have developed throughout the process build local capacity for future growth. Underpinned by strengthened faith, this combination of skills, resources, and hope lays a strong foundation for lasting change.

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