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Nearly 2,000 language communities throughout the world have no access to the Bible in their own language. Many of these languages don’t even have a written form. Entire generations have never experienced the gospel in a way they clearly understand. Bibles in the national language sit untouched, gathering dust rather than disciples. OneBook is changing that.

OneBook projects equip and empower local men and women to translate Scripture into the heart language of their people. Ongoing education initiatives help local Bible translators continually hone their expertise in linguistics, exegesis, and translation tools. Partnership with local pastors from various denominations ensures that projects remain aligned with biblical principles and connected to churches at the village, regional, and national levels. Translation is conducted using a proven process that incorporates the latest translation methodologies, multi-step revision, and ongoing community involvement to produce the very best mother-tongue Scripture. Print, audio, and video formats work together to communicate the truth of Christ to people where they are at, regardless of literacy or education levels. Many people have come to faith in Christ after experiencing His story in their own language.

Ongoing Scripture engagement activities and materials help families strengthen their faith and apply biblical teachings to their daily lives. As God’s Word becomes clear and takes root in the hearts of men, women, and children, it forms the foundation for lasting social and spiritual transformation.

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