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Bible Translation

Nearly 2,000 language communities throughout the world have no access to the Bible in their own language. Many of these languages don’t even have a written form. Entire generations have never experienced the gospel in a way they clearly understand. Bibles in the national language sit untouched, gathering dust rather than disciples. OneBook is changing that.

More than the ABC's literacy is multifaceted

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The ability to read and write one’s language is a foundational skill that impacts every aspect of life: self-esteem, spiritual fulfilment, interpersonal relationships, physical well-being, and economic opportunity. Although several of the people groups OneBook serves enjoy a rich oral tradition, many lack a written form of their language. Few in these communities can read or write to a functional level in any language. This literacy deficit hinders them from accessing education, health care, and information crucial for social and economic development.

OneBook’s mother-tongue literacy initiatives begin by building relationships with local leaders and raising up language champions in the community. 


The impact of OneBook’s Bible translation and literacy projects reaches far beyond the pulpit and the classroom. Entire communities are being changed forever.

Literacy initiatives are providing a new perspective on God’s Word and an opportunity to engage with the gospel in areas closed-off to evangelism. New churches and Bible studies are being planted in unexpected places, and local churches are growing. Above all, people are choosing to love and follow Jesus. These are amazing transformations, but the work is far from over if these changes are to last.

Local and Lasting

One of the most challenging aspects of any mission is a successful exit. At the completion of each project, OneBook strives to leave communities with flourishing mother-tongue literacy, healthy churches, and local men and women empowered and equipped to continue the mission. The valuable skills in project design, management, translation techniques, and adult education that local communities have developed throughout the process build local capacity for future growth. Underpinned by strengthened faith, this combination of skills, resources, and hope lays a strong foundation for lasting change.

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