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In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1

Every child of God deserves to experience His Word in their own language. When The Word goes local, Bible translation introduces people to the unparalleled love and salvation of Jesus, planting in their hearts a desire to see His Kingdom prosper on earth. Faith, language, literacy, social justice, health and hope grow from these beginnings.

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Transforming societies through the power of God’s Word. Our projects equip and empower local men and women to translate Scripture into the heart language of their people.
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The ability to read and write one’s language is a foundational skill that impacts every aspect of life: self-esteem, spiritual fulfilment, interpersonal relationships, physical well-being, and economic opportunity.
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The impact of OneBook’s Bible translation and literacy projects reaches far beyond the pulpit and the classroom. Entire communities are being changed forever.
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Local and Lasting

At the completion of each project, we strives to leave communities with flourishing mother-tongue literacy, healthy churches, and local men and women empowered and equipped to continue the mission.
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Your partnership with OneBook, through indigenous Bible translation leaders and churches, helps to provide God’s Word in local heart languages.

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Prayer is important to OneBook, Bible translators, church leaders and literacy teachers! We need people like you, who will commit to praying for our projects and teams, especially those who live in regions with great persecution.

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Sambu was bone-tired. Dropping his heavy basket of rice shoots to the ground, he sat down under the mango tree, glad for a few minutes’ rest before dark. Do you have time to listen to a story?

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