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See the Movie, Read the Book!

The recent dedication of the "JESUS" film in the Awing language was a big boost to the Bible translation and literacy project. Pastors, elites, and Awing men and women of all ages worked together as volunteers on the film, either lending their voices to the soundtrack or spending time reviewing scripts. “The population was mobilized for the launching and dedication [of the mother-tongue Scripture],” explains the project leader. When the "JESUS" film was released on DVD, it sold 463 copies. “This has raised special awareness amongst those who had no interest in the project.” As they engage with the "JESUS" film, many people are seeking out Scripture in their mother tongue so they can learn more. There has also been a surge in people’s desire to join literacy classes. “The dedication of the 'JESUS' film in Awing has created awareness and renewed hope in many who gave up on this work,” rejoices the project leader.

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