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Stories For Life!

Every parent knows how much a young child enjoys hearing the same story over and over again. Little Wael was no exception. Much to his delight, the Guinea-Bissau literacy curriculum uses repetition to help children internalize the written form of their language. The same Bible story is read every day of the week, allowing students to gain confidence, comprehension, and memory. By the end of the week, they are usually able to memorize the story, and more importantly, recount it. Wael loved the story they were studying about Daniel and the Lion’s Den. He eagerly awaited reading it each day. Unfortunately, when cashew harvest time arrived, Wael’s parents could no longer take him to school. For two weeks he missed classes. Then one afternoon, Wael encountered a friend and told him the whole story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den as he had learned it. The next day, Wael’s friend was the first child to arrive at school for classes, eager to learn more of these stories in his heart language. We pray that Wael will soon also return

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