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OneBook is passionate about finding new and creative opportunities to enhance and multiply the work of our projects. We love to hear how our project teams are implementing technology and brainstorming ways to reach even more of their people with the life, health, faith, education, growth, and equality that Bible translation and literacy bring. Read on to find out about some of these innovative approaches!

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The Bible Translator's Assistant (TBTA) is an exciting new software that can be used to produce draft translations of Scripture in a language that does not yet have the Bible. TBTA has the potential to significantly speed up the drafting stage of a Bible translation project, and can also be used to create other valuable resources like health and human rights information for speakers of that language. 

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social media

Our project teams in South Asia are harnessing the power of social media to share God's Word in local languages. In this time of limited physical contact, these teams have multiplied the reach of their translation work through online marketing campaigns. They are ecstatic to see such high interest in the Scripture portions and biblical songs, stories, and videos they have posted to their website and social media pages.

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Online Literacy

Events like the Cameroon Crisis and the COVID pandemic have led some of our project teams to expand into online literacy. Using communication apps, these teams have started sharing literacy resources and holding e-classes to give their people opportunities to learn and practice reading and writing their mother tongue. 

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Bible apps

For many of our projects - and especially those in sensitive areas - translating the Bible into a minority language is just the first step. Getting the translated Scripture out to others can be more of a challenge, but our project staff are taking advantage of the widespread use of cell phones by creating Bible apps. These apps make it easy for men and women to access God's Word in a safe and discreet way and to share it with their friends. 

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