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A community of connected individuals passionate about bringing life, health, education, growth, equality, and faith to those who need it most.  

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You can shine the love of Christ into minority communities every day! 


As a member of TeamOne your monthly support will ensure people have a chance to...

  • Learn to read and write their own language 

  • Study God’s Word and get to know Jesus

  • Participate in school or the marketplace  

  • Access critical health and hygiene resources

  • Build skills for a brighter future  

When you join TeamOne, you’ll receive:


  • Regular updates on how your support is transforming lives

  • Exclusive access to TeamOne events where you'll hear stories from people you are helping around the world and connect with other members

  • Opportunities to participate in Discovery trips

Most importantly, you’ll know that you are equipping OneBook project teams with the resources they need to help their communities thrive.

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