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Every OneBook project is run locally. That means men and women from the community are the staff and volunteers that make everything happen. 

But they don't do it alone. OneBook's partner organizations are there to support them every step of the way. These organizations are trusted, experienced groups of people who care passionately about Bible translation and literacy and about their own countries, culture, and minority language people groups. 

Without the support of these partners, our projects wouldn't be able to make the incredible impact that they do. You can find out more about the partners we work with below. 

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OneBook’s partner, ITA, is a young organization. Originally started as a department of Evangelical Church of Guinea-Bissau (IEGB), and in many ways controlled by ex-pat missionaries, OneBook has been walking with them over the past 5 years to become a standalone, national Bible translation and literacy organization. ITA is an integral part of a church plant strategy by the IEGB and the other evangelical ministry partners. ITA operates four Bible translation projects in Guinea-Bissau. It is a nationally registered local organization, who’s board members represent the main evangelical ministries in Guinea-Bissau (IEGB, Presbyterian Church, AMIDE and YWAM). They serve them and the Catholic Church as the leading literacy and Bible translation organization in the country.



CABTAL (Cameroon Association of Bible Translation and Literacy) began in the early 1980s. An indigenous visionary organization, its goal is to see communities and individuals transformed through God’s Word in their own language and using their language for sustainable development.


CABTAL's mission is to empower churches, communities and individuals to carry out Bible translation and language-based community development through linguistic research, functional literacy and Scripture engagement. There is a growing demand from indigenous Cameroonian communities for both literacy and mother-tongue Scripture. Pray for wisdom to meet this exciting challenge!

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YKY (Yayasan Kaleb Yosua (Joshua and Caleb Organization) is a non-profit organization begun in 1989, to reach the neglected languages and people groups of Indonesia. YKY is an extension of the church in fulfilling the Great Commission.


YKY's vision is to start projects in 75 new language groups, so that every ethnic group will have the Bible in the language they understand  best. Their desire is to see communities transformed by God’s Word. They prepare Bible translations, Bible study guides and biblical literacy materials in local languages.

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BTL (Bible Translation and Literacy of East Africa) was founded in 1981. Its mission: to facilitate language development, literacy and Bible translation among minority language groups. Most of these groups are small, rural communities, isolated by harsh climate and difficult terrain. Many have no written language, hence they lag behind in education and development. Some are in predominantly Muslim areas; these projects require great sensitivity. BTL has received international recognition for its work in literacy.

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OneBook partners with 3 local organizations in 2 countries in Asia. Nationals are leading a growing movement, meeting this need through their own Bible translation and literacy organizations. Well-trained local teams develop alphabets along with basic literacy programs in local language projects. 


Learning to read and write empowers people to access education and opportunities for positive change, gaining confidence and a say in their own future. Teams also begin to translate Scripture into the mother tongue and teach people to use it. 

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