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Guinea Bissau


Situated on the western coast of Africa, Guinea Bissau was once poised to attain a prosperous economy and enjoy a multi-party political system. However, periods of bloody civil war and ongoing political instability have impacted the economy profoundly, leaving Guinea-Bissau one of the poorest countries in  the world. The vast majority of Guinea-Bissau’s 1.6 million citizens eke out a living on small subsistence farms, often earning just enough income to provide necessities for their families. More than two thirds of the population lives below the poverty line. Recently, the combination of coastal geography, an impoverished economy, and a government plagued by instability have made Guinea Bissau attractive as a  a point for international drug trafficking and a source point for human trafficking.

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Our Local Partner

OneBook’s partner, ITA, is a young organization. Originally started as a department of Evangelical Church of Guinea-Bissau (IEGB), and in many ways controlled by ex-pat missionaries, OneBook has been walking with them over the past 5 years to become a standalone, national Bible translation and literacy organization. ITA is an integral part of a church plant strategy by the IEGB and the other evangelical ministry partners. ITA operates four Bible translation projects in Guinea-Bissau. It is a nationally registered local organization, who’s board members represent the main evangelical ministries in Guinea-Bissau (IEGB, Presbyterian Church, AMIDE and YWAM). They serve them and the Catholic Church as the leading literacy and Bible translation organization in the country.

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