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The Republic of Cameroon is on the “hinge” between West and Central Africa. It is about the size of the Yukon territory. Called “Africa in miniature,” it has great diversity of geography and culture. The north is semi-arid, the south has rainforest; grasslands are found in the centre. Significant natural resources include oil, gas, timber, minerals and agricultural products such as coffee, cotton, cocoa, maize and cassava. Poverty is concentrated in the northern regions where access and quality of services lag behind the rest of the country. Despite improvements in education and access to water, economic growth is still too low to address all poverty and development needs. 

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Our Local Partner

CABTAL (Cameroon Association of Bible Translation and Literacy) began in the early 1980s. An indigenous visionary organization, its goal is to see communities and individuals transformed through God’s Word in their own language and using their language for sustainable development. Its mission is to empower churches, communities and individuals to carry out Bible translation and language-based community development through linguistic research, functional literacy and Scripture engagement. There is a growing demand from indigenous Cameroonian communities for both literacy and mother-tongue Scripture. Pray for wisdom to meet this exciting challenge!

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Current Projects

CABTAL Consultant Capacity building

Jam Ma Cluster

Mfumte CLuster





Ring Road Cluster

Scripture Use Research and Ministry (SURAM)

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