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Your investment in Cameroon projects today will make an immediate difference in the lives of the men, women, and children impacted by conflict and violence in their homeland.

Your gift today will:

  • Provide housing, food and clothing for displaced team members and their families as they resume translation work in safer areas

  • Launch locally-led counseling workshops to help communities and individuals heal from the trauma they have experienced

  • Train new teachers and re-establish literacy classes in safer areas 

  • Support ongoing Bible translation 

  • Help people engage with the gospel at a time when they need Jesus most.

Our project teams and the people you serve are experiencing terrifying violence. Many have been uprooted from their homes as violent conflict has now engulfed the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon. Our beloved Esu, Ngwo and Bakweri people are among those caught in the turmoil.

Our national partner organization, CABTAL (Cameroon Association of Bible Translation and Literacy), has relocated project staff to the town where their regional centre is located. They are now in a safer environment and able to continue translating. This has incurred additional expenses and help is needed.

Each day, more communities are impacted, and more people are displaced. The UN humanitarian affairs office (UNOCHA) estimates that 4.3 million people in Cameroon need lifesaving assistance today. 

Article: Cameroon: Attacks on rise, millions in need of lifesaving assistance


Our goal is to raise $28,000 to support some of the affected OneBook projects. The need is great, but this is something that we can accomplish together!


The Esu, Ngwo and Bakweri communities need your support. Will you help us reach this goal?

Cameroon is in crisis


Send a Note to Cameroon

Send a note of encouragement or favourite Bible verse to the teams affected. We will make sure the note gets to the project teams!

Learn more about the projects affected:



25,000 People Affected



70,000 People Affected



10,400 People Affected

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