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Old Testament


Highland Asia






People in these remote mountain villages hunger for the Old Testament to sustain their faith. The New Testament has been treasured and widely used in small churches and home Bible studies since 2017.

Thank you! This project has been fully funded for the year!

the Need
Meeting daily needs is not easy for the Wambra people. In remote villages located in the high mountains of Asia, far from the conveniences of modernization or even healthcare facilities, families work as subsistence farmers, growing rice, maize, and millet. Few adults can read or write, having dropped out of local schools taught in a language they do not understand. This experience is repeated by their children, leaving most of the population disadvantaged. Some Wambra people living in urban areas began attending church out of curiosity. After experiencing the hope and freedom they found in Jesus, the new believers asked OneBook’s national partner organization in Asia to help them translate Scripture into their mother-tongue language for all Wambra speakers so they can better understand the message and grow in their faith. Now, the Old Testament translation is in progress.
The Project

Wambra project team members trained by staff from our national partner in Highland Asia have made the commitment to:

  • Translate the Old Testament.

  • Make the New Testament available in print, audio, and digital formats.

  • Respond to requests to train people and church leaders to read the Wambra language and study Wambra Scripture.

Translation Progress










Champion of Change
Amir was born in the region where the Wambra language originated, but he spent many years abroad. Until it was published, he wasn’t even aware the New Testament was being translated into Wambra. However, he is now deeply committed to seeing the whole of God’s Word translated into his language. Amir spends much of his time poring over the Wambra New Testament, digging into the words used, practicing the grammar, and making sure he understands the meaning of the translation. He frequently calls the translator to provide feedback on the passages he is reading. “He is the one who supports the team morally and asks the status of the translation,” explains the project facilitator. Praise the Lord that God’s Word has stirred up in Amir this passion for the Wambra Old Testament project.
A New Church
Garam and his wife were among the very first believers in their remote village. Although it is within the Wambra community, a large forest running down a hillside divides them from the other Wambra people in the area. Earlier this year, Garam and two other believers started a church in their village. Between 15 and 20 people attend worship every week, and they are so happy to read the New Testament in their own language. Few people in their village can clearly understand the national language, so the translation makes an enormous difference to them. Now, Garam is advocating for the Old Testament to be completed as quickly as possible. He and his wife are working with the project team to promote the written form of their language and encourage literacy so that as many Wambra people as possible can experience God’s Word in their own language.


A Member of the Body
Rana was very excited to be chosen to have her voice recorded for the audio Wambra New Testament. Four years ago, she went to a church as a last resort for healing. The sickness that had been plaguing her for years left. From that day on, she has been attending church regularly. She did not feel part of the church, however; she always nervously stayed in the back, leaving as soon as the service was over. To be selected for this opportunity, especially with her low level of education, was an honour. When the time for the recording came, everyone was pleasantly surprised by her reading. Rana was surprised as well. The translation in her heart language was so easy to read. She read it with such ease and finesse, that everyone thought she sounded like a translator. This experience emboldened her to serve God and others in the church and she became an active member of the Christian fellowship in the Wambra village she lives in. Her community considers her one of the most important leaders in her church today.

"The translation team members are not only committed, but they are united and continue to learn God’s Word for themselves."

Project Facilitator

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