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invest in women. impact generations.

Women in minority language communities are uniquely positioned to influence their families and communities. Yet, without the Bible in their language or the opportunity to learn to read and write, they lack the tools they need to help their families and communities grow in Christ. 

When you help women learn to read and write their language and experience God's Word in their mother tongue, you impact generations. With your support, women in minority language communities can grow in dignity, build skills for a better future, and develop a deeper relationship with Jesus. 

Discover the stories of women from Cameroon, East Africa, and South Asia below and learn how they have been impacted by OneBook projects and in turn are impacting their communities and future generations.

Celebrate the women in your life by honouring women around the world with a unique gift: Invest in Bible translation and literacy today.

Spending of funds is confined to board-approved programs and projects. Each gift designated toward an approved program or project will be used as designated with the understanding that when the financial needs are met, or the project is completed or cannot be completed for any reason, as determined by the board, funds will be used where needed most.

I remember your true faith. It is the same faith your grandmother Lois had and your mother Eunice had. I am sure you have that same faith also. 

- 2 Timothy 1:5

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