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Oh, Brother!

The Bali project team once again headed to the capital city to quality-check the latest Scripture portions, and once again they brought D.J. with them. As a non-Christian member of the Bali community, D.J. had the important job of listening carefully to the approved translation and ensuring the translation makes sense to someone unfamiliar with the gospel. Whereas on his previous quality-checking trip, D.J. had been curious but reticent about the Scriptures, this time he joined in with the Bible study and prayer during his free time. The quality-checker also made a point of talking with D.J. and answering his questions during the review sessions. Nearing the final day of the checking, utterly convinced by the Scripture in his heart language, D.J. gave his life to Christ. The project team had left with an acquaintance and returned with a brother in Christ. Pray that D.J.'s faith will continue to grow.

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