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Kenya, though very beautiful, has had more than its share of extreme droughts, floods and famines. Predominantly agricultural, the minority language communities have often suffered the most. Controversial elections and ensuing ethnic conflict have left many people scrambling to regain a normal life. Health care and education are beyond the reach of the more remote areas. Churches are growing, but local pastors need training and access to mother-tongue Scripture. Political unrest and religious persecution in the project areas call for much prayer. 

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Our Local Partner

BTL (Bible Translation and Literacy of East Africa) was founded in 1981. Its mission: to facilitate language development, literacy and Bible translation among minority language groups. Most of these groups are small, rural communities, isolated by harsh climate and difficult terrain. Many have no written language, hence they lag behind in education and development. Some are in predominantly Muslim areas; these projects require great sensitivity. BTL has received international recognition for its work in literacy.

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Current Projects


Sengwer Cherangany

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