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Indonesia consists of more than 17,000 islands; 6,000 are inhabited. It includes the world’s second largest rainforest and vast coral reefs. Though long under colonial rule by Portugal, the Netherlands, Britain and Japan, independence was finally gained in 1945. Today, Indonesia is the world’s third-largest democracy. It is also the world’s fourth most-populated country, with 253 million people representing hundreds of ethnic groups. The diverse economy is based on natural gas, forestry, agriculture, textiles, minerals and the service industry. Half the population, however, survives on less than two dollars a day. 40 percent of children do not progress beyond elementary education. 

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Our Local Partner

YKY (Yayasan Kaleb Yosua (Joshua and Caleb Organization) is a non-profit organization begun in 1989, to reach the neglected languages and people groups of Indonesia. YKY is an extension of the church in fulfilling the Great Commission. Their vision is to start projects in 75 new language groups, so that every ethnic group will have the Bible in the language they understand  best. Their desire is to see communities transformed by God’s Word. They prepare Bible translations, Bible study guides and biblical literacy materials in local languages.

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Patip Cluster

- Lawan

- Lowu

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