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first nations version

We are delighted to celebrate the recent publication of the First Nations Version of Scripture!

While many First Nations families speak English, their unique dialect still echoes the idioms, speech patterns, and rhythms of the traditional languages once spoken by their ancestors. The First Nations Version translation expresses God’s Word in this form of English so that the story of Creator God can be shared in a deeply personal and profound way to the indigenous people of North America.

The First Nations Version project was carried out by a team of First Nations people who are passionate about bringing God’s Word to their indigenous communities. Team leader Terry Wildman and his wife Darlene have been with the project from inception to completion. They shared their vision with OneBook several years ago, giving us the opportunity to come alongside them in their work. We are so thankful to those in our OneBook family who have supported this project and we rejoice together with the First Nations team at reaching this incredible milestone. 

The First Nations Version can be purchased on Amazon (click here). 


More information about this translation and the project team that made it happen can be found at

It is the Great Spirit himself who has done all of this! Through the Chosen One, Creator has removed the hostility between human beings and himself, bringing all creation into harmony once again. The Great Spirit has chosen us to represent him in the sacred task of helping others find and walk this path of peacemaking and healing - turning enemies into friends.

- 2 Corinthians 5:18 (First Nations Version)

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Terry Wildman and Muavae Va'a

Muavae Va'a (Mua) is Samoan by birth, but lives with his family among the Saanich First Nation. He had spent many years studying the Bible and knew Jesus well, so when the First Nations Version translation group invited him to a reading he went in the hopes that it might help his work as a missionary. Perhaps this new translation would connect with youth in the Saanich First Nation community.

When project leader Terry Wildman started reading from the First Nations Version, Mua discovered that this message from the Creator was for him, too. Tears filled his eyes and rolled down his cheeks. For the first time in his life, Jesus was really speaking his language. "When Terry read from the translation it wrecked me,” he says. “I know this will touch our Saanich peoples." Mua took a few copies of the First Nations Version back to his community and can’t wait to order more.

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