Toussian, Burkina Faso

Growing fruits and vegetables has been a central part of Toussian identity for generations. Unfortunately, the fertile soil that once provided abundant crops has become exhausted; yields are shrinking with each successive harvest. When selling their produce at market, language barriers hinder communication and many Toussian people receive only a fraction of the income they deserve. Many find themselves trapped in a life of poverty, cut off from quality education and health care. The traditional animist beliefs of the majority offer little comfort for those feeling inferior, inadequate and defeated. However, Bible translation and literacy are bringing men and women new hope.

As the project enters its final year, God’s Word is touching hearts and transforming lives. Ongoing mother-tongue literacy classes are teaching men, women and children to read and write their language, essential skills that unlock further opportunities. Most local churches are now using the Toussian language in their worship services, and these congregations are growing both in attendance and spiritual understanding. As their understanding increases and faith deepens, many people have abandoned traditional idol worship and have fully embraced Christianity. God is definitely at work among the Toussian people.

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