Tennet, South Sudan

The 10,000 Tennet people living in South Sudan are primarily farmers growing sorghum and millet, and they keep some cattle. Vegetable gardens and animal compounds sit next to the peaked, thatched roofs of their homes.

The Tennet community is proud of their unique culture, and eager for learning opportunities. They realize that being able to read and write will allow them to enrich their communities through development programs, in areas such as primary education, health care, and human rights. The civil war disrupted life in the Tennet area, and it is taking much time and effort to re-establish the infrastructure and educational system. The bridge of literacy is crucial as they move into the future.

Although the Tennet are traditionally animist there are now 10 Christian congregations (about 1,500 believers) in the Tennet community. Even some Christians, however, continue to blend truth with traditional beliefs and practices. There is an urgent need for mother-tongue Scripture to strengthen and nurture their faith, and to help them share their faith with others.

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