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You Can Share Hope this Christmas!

For people living in three different language communities in Africa, the whole New Testament has been translated and is ready to be printed. You can help by printing a copy for people in these communities, who are waiting to receive God’s Word.

God’s Word in the language of the heart brings true hope and transformation: for you and I, for families, and for whole communities.

And double your impact!

What your gift of a Bible means...

Elinah longs for hope. Orphaned, abused, rejected by her husband, unwanted and alone in her rural African village—she was truly hope-less. She had no one to turn to.

Then one day Elinah heard about Jesus for the first time. A local team of dedicated Bible translators was working hard to complete the New Testament in her own minority language. She heard parts of Scripture as the team worked and became intrigued. Jesus understood how it felt to be rejected and unwanted.

Hope is finally stirring in Elinah’s heart. Now, she is eagerly waiting to hear the whole story of Jesus in the language she understands best—her own.

Printing a New Testament means people like Elinah, who are desperately waiting for their own copy of God’s Word, will receive a New Testament and have a chance to read, study, and know the amazing hope Jesus offers all of us.

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