Almost one-third of the world’s languages still have no written form.

These people groups not only lack a written language, they also lack the dignity that is possible only when their unique heart language takes a visible and tangible form.

Literacy breaks the hold of poverty and releases people into a brighter future for themselves and their family.

Developing the mother tongue into a written form is tasked to a team of trained linguistic experts, who are speakers of the language, educated and, together with the community, will develop an alphabet and literacy program. Teachers are trained and a variety of literacy and functional literacy programs are developed. From basic reading and writing in the mother tongue to practical classes on health, HIV/Aids and agriculture.

Simply understanding how to read about better farming techniques, or even medicine bottles, is for many villages a matter of life and death. The quality of living is drastically improved when literacy programs are implemented in the mother tongue.

The outcome? New skills and knowledge are increased, fresh confidence is built, and the ability to function in the greater society is enhanced. Here at OneBook, we believe literacy goes hand-in-hand with Bible translation.

For some regions where persecution of Christians is frequent, a literacy program is the only way into a community and to introduce people to Jesus.

Church Based Literacy
The Patip project team in rural Indonesia runs a Sunday school class for children in the area. The Bible stories are told in their mother tongue, because the team knows that mother-tongue literacy is best nurtured from an early age.

Stories from Genesis to Acts have been carefully selected and translated into the local language. Each week the children come eagerly to hear the next story! ‘Can’t we have Sunday school every day?’ they ask.

New literacy skills grow as young students learn to listen and read the Bible stories in the language they understand best. This boosts their confidence and readiness to start school. Studying Scripture also helps them learn to follow Jesus.

This literacy project in Indonesia is just one example of how the opportunity to learn read and write in the heart language is changing the future of the community.

Your generous donation today will help men, women and children learn to read and write in the mother tongue. Your gift will help to change a life forever.