Kids will explore 3 Biblical principles of Luke 10:27 and discover the life changing impact of mother-tongue literacy!

Did you know of the 7,004 languages spoken around the globe, approximately 1,860 have no written form? This means they have no alphabet, no books, no Bible. Learning to read and write is a fundamental life skill, but without them basic tasks such as buying food, medication, or even signing your name to an important document are a tremendous challenge. Without change, the poverty cycle repeats from generation to generation.

LemonAid for Literacy is an exciting new program from OneBook specifically designed for Kids Ministry programs. It’s a tangible and fun way for kids to live out Luke 10:27, Love Your Neighbour, and discover the importance of mother-tongue literacy and raise funds to help change the lives of children and their families in Africa.

Over three weeks using the LemonAid for Literacy curriculum, your kid’s will explore three key Biblical principles through videos, stories and fun activities:

• I Will Be a Friend Who Helps Others
• I Will Be a Friend Who Loves Others
• I Will Be a Friend Who is Generous to Others

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