Series Overview

All around the world, kids and their families struggle with illiteracy and poverty. There are approximately 7,004 languages spoken around the globe and around 1,860 with no written language. This means no alphabet, no dictionary, no books and no Bible. Illiteracy is a terrible thing; it affects entire communities and its primary impact is poverty!

Parents who cannot read or write in their mother tongue are also at a disadvantage. It affects their ability to feed their families, to learn about life-saving health care, to earn an income and to gain basic skills for improving their lives. Without change, the poverty cycle repeats from generation to generation, creating a sense of hopelessness for many.

Over the next three weeks we’ll learn about the importance of mother-tongue literacy, how it is changing the lives of children in Africa and how God wants us to love these language groups in Africa as our neighbours.


Teaching Notes

* Each weekly lesson is available for download under Resources.

* Videos are hosted on either Vimeo or YouTube and can be streamed for viewing. If you require an offline version of the videos please contact

* Each lesson has been created with ease of use in mind. Feel free to use all of it or use portions as a supplement for your current curriculum. Each segment has an estimated timeline to allow you to plan.

* The Bible stories can either be told by the teacher or shown as videos that can be streamed online.

* Each lesson is approximately 30 min, with additional activity suggestions for up to an hour of class time.

* Examples of literacy tools used in classes in Africa are provided to better illustrate the literacy message.

* Each lesson has a selected praise and worship song that ties in with the week’s lesson. You can use this video as part of your praise and worship time, or use as an opening or closing segment for the lesson.

* Each lesson includes PowerPoint slides to help share the lesson and provide visual images for the children to better understand the context of the stories.

* An activity worksheet is included each week.

* Words in bold are words meant to be spoken to the kids. Feel free to paraphrase or reword so it’s easier to remember.