Laro, Africa

There are approximately 40,000 Laro-speakers in Africa, working their farms and raising sheep and goats. Many have been disbursed due to war. The area they live in has dealt with political warfare which continues on even today. It will take much time and effort to re-establish the infrastructure and educational system, but the Laro community is committed to persevere. They are working hard to see change happen.

The Laro people culturally align with the Christian and animist African south, but their villages physically occupy land controlled by the Muslim Arab north. Despite this significant challenge, the Laro project team has persevered and translated God’s Word into the language of their people!

Among the Laro people there are four main denominations with a total of approximately 40 churches (in the home area and elsewhere). About 75 per cent of the Laro people are Christians and most attend church. However, without Scripture in their mother tongue, the Church will remain weak and less able to resist the pressures of Islam and secularization. It is difficult for most Laro to understand the deeper truths of Scripture without hearing them in their own language.

This year, the Laro team needs your support to print their translated mother-tongue New Testament. Click Here to learn more.