Koromfe, Burkina Faso

Koromba families struggle to survive, coaxing meagre crops from desert-like terrain. Without access to quality medical care, many children and infants are lost to preventable diseases; those who survive to adulthood rarely live beyond middle age. Many villages lack schools and poor infrastructure, language barriers and a cultural mindset averse to western education further limit learning opportunities for Koromba youth. A small Christian community and church exist, although the vast majority of Koromba follow Islam. An undercurrent of tension is felt by local believers, as some followers of the dominant religion strongly oppose Christianity in their midst. The local church also struggles against widespread syncretism, where Christianity is practised alongside traditional animism.

Bible translation and literacy activities continue to address these challenges, responding to the urgent need for Scripture in the Koromfé language. God’s Word in their heart language, along with the ability to read it, has the power to transform the lives of Koromba men, women and children.

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