Keliko, South Sudan

South Sudan is home to more than eight million people. After the vote, Sudan made it clear that all South Sudanese had to leave Sudan. Today, life is somewhat more stable, but it will take much time and effort to re-establish the infrastructure and educational system. During the civil war in southern Sudan (1983-2005), there was much displacement in the area, with many people fleeing into Uganda. A whole generation was deprived of proper education. Some of the translators’ families are still separated, with children remaining in Uganda to complete their schooling.

The Keliko project is characterized by outstanding local initiative. It was local initiative that started the project, and local drive that has kept it going in spite of difficult conditions. Although three of the translators had an office in Juba, capital of South Sudan, they travelled frequently to their home area to read through the Keliko translation of each Bible book with their community and receive their comments and input. A fourth translator, plus the literacy supervisor, is based in Panyana, an important church centre in Keliko-land. This allows them to interact regularly with the local people.

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