FNV Testimonials

“I am an elder and former Tribal Chairman for our Native people in Southern California. When I first heard portions of this translation read out loud I said to myself, ‘This translation says it in English the way we think it in our traditional languages.'”Elder
Reading the First Nations Version New Testament is like listening to a wise elder pass down ancient teachings. Its oral cadences give the Scriptures new room to breathe. While contemporary translations focus on updating language in a modern mode, the FNV recaptures the sense of tradition that binds faithful readers to our past and to the story that tells us who we are. It is a good gift to everyone who walks the Jesus Way.L. Daniel Hawk, Ph.D. , Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew, Ashland Theological Seminary
“The First Nations Version of the Bible has been a real inspiration for me to modify how I preach and it is bearing real fruit with our Native congregation. Praise God!”
“This version is relevant to who we are and how our ancestors would present it. I can see a large group of elders sitting around a fire speaking in the manner presented in the book. Miigwech for all your work and effort. I know this comes at some sacrifice, but it adds to the reestablishment of our identity, as Native people, and helps reconnect us to those ancestors who lived on this continent before the pilgrims came. Miigwech! (Thank you!)!”
“I like the way that it doesn’t seem to be ‘dumbed down’ like I have seen some translations to be. It keeps things clear and easy to read. The sense of wanting to know more was strong. THANK YOU!”
“I love the way the names, and how they are explained, actually made me feel like I was right there in the book. It was alive to me!”
“I am a First Nations New Testament scholar and I teach Greek. Good job! This is a big work and I applaud this version.”
First Nations New Testament Scholar
“I appreciate the storytelling format – it is almost poetic. I think many of the newer English translations/paraphrases have lost the beauty of the language of storytelling.”
“Great story teller concept! Again keep the variety of tribes involved. Keep the random input moving. The writing is NOT corny and is respectful to the reader.”