First Nations Version Samples

Creator’s blessing rests on you who are poor and in need; the Good Road is yours to walk. Creator’s blessing rests on you who hunger now, for you will be filled to the full. Creator’s blessing rests on the ones who weep now, for your sorrow will turn into laughter. Creator’s blessing rests on you when you are hated and rejected, looked down on and treated as worthless; all because you have chosen to walk the good road with the True Human Being.

When this happens let your hearts be glad and jump for joy; the world above will honor you, for this is the same way your ancestors treated the prophets of their day. You are walking in their moccasins now!

Here is what he said to the privileged among the people. 
Sorrow and trouble will be the end of you who store up possessions for yourselves, for you have already had a life of ease. Sorrow and trouble will be the end of you who eat your fill now; you will go hungry later. Sorrow and trouble will be the end of you who are laughing about this now; you will have your trail of tears. Sorrow and trouble will be your end, when others say only good things about you, for that is what our ancestors said about the prophets who told lies.Luke 6:20-26 FNV

It was now sunrise on the first day of the week. The women who had prepared the spices and oils were on their way to the burial cave. When they arrived they saw that the large stone in front of the cave had been rolled away. They went inside, only to find the body of Creator Sets Free (Jesus) was gone!

They were standing there in amazement and wonder when suddenly two men appeared beside them dressed in shining white outfits. The women, trembling with fear, bowed down low to the ground on their faces.

The men said, “Why do you look for the living in the place of the dead? 6 He is not here; he has returned to life. Do you not remember what he told you in Circle of Nations (Galilee)? 7 That the True Human Being would be turned over to the ones with bad hearts. They would put him to death on the cross, but he would come back to life on the third day.”

Then the women remembered what he had said. They hurried back to tell the eleven message bearers and the others what they had seen and heard. There was Bitter Tears (Mary) of the village of Creator’s High Lodge (Magdala), Woman of His Goodwill (Joanna) and Bitter Tears (Mary) the mother of Heel Grabber (James), and other women with them.

These women told the message-bearers and the others what they saw with their own eyes. But the men did not believe the women, thinking it was only empty talk.

But Stands On the Rock (Peter) ran to the burial cave. He bent down to look inside and saw strips of cloths lying there, but no sign of the body of Creator Sets Free (Jesus). He then walked away wondering what had happened.
Luke 24:1-12 FNV

We are all members of one body – one tribe, so we must speak truth and be honest with each other, leaving the path of falsehood far behind. There are times when anger is the right thing, but do not let your anger turn into rage, for it will burn like a wildfire. Work things out before the sun sets that day – or the evil one may use it to burn up all the good things in your life.
Ephesians 4:25-26 FNV
Keep a close watch over the words you speak, for our mouths can be full of worthless and empty talk that will bring death [to] others. Let your words be full of wisdom and goodwill that will give you strength and bring healing to the ones who hear you. In this way the Creator’s Holy Spirit will not be grieved – for it is he who marks you as his own and keeps you safe for the day when all things will be complete.
Ephesians 4:29-30 FNV