Community Development

Without the development of an alphabet, literacy is impossible. Yet with literacy, community transformation is steps away.

The core topics of OneBook’s literacy-based community development programs include a fresh, clean water guide; how to compost soil to increase crop yield; women’s rights; and various health care issues, such as wound care and how to stop infection, how to treat children’s diarrhea to lower infant mortality; HIV/Aids prevention and how to care for those infected.

Working closely with the community, our goal is to find out what the community needs and wants. Some would call this participatory development. We call it functional literacy. We provide support with the development of first-time readers and a number of booklets to teach basic community development skills.

It’s very different than Dr. Seuss, but it’s what our partners deliver in every project we are involved with, especially across Africa since this is most relevant for the community.

Click here to see examples of an HIV/Aids literacy tool and a clean water-reading guide.