Listening to the Christmas Story in the Gospel of Luke is a tradition for many of us. We celebrate Jesus' birth and the good news of salvation as told in the Scriptures. 

Yet for many people around the world who cannot read or write, this good news is hidden. They need audio Scriptures in their language to be able to share in the great joy of Jesus' coming. 

This Christmas, you can invest in audio recordings and listening groups in Africa and Asia so that everyone can know the Christmas Story. 

listen to the christmas story

As you celebrate Christmas this year, we invite you to remember the communities that still need audio Scripture in their language. When these recordings are completed they are a precious resource to individuals, churches, and listening groups. Below are two examples of completed recordings of the Christmas Story from OneBook projects. We invite you to listen to these beautiful accounts of Christ's birth in the DT language (Asia) and in Pinyin (Africa) and praise God for His greatest gift. 

Luke 2:1-18 in dt (asia)

DT Christmas StoryDT
00:00 / 03:12

Luke 2:1-20 in pinyin (AFrica)

Pinyin Christmas StoryPinyin
00:00 / 03:13

Many OneBook projects are eagerly awaiting their own audio recording so they can experience God's Word in a way they fully understand. Your investment will provide them with vital audio Scriptures!

Check out these and other completed Scripture audio recordings at, a ministry of Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH). FCBH is a OneBook partner that provides vital support to communities as they carry out the audio recording process.

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