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Old Testament


South Asia






Displaced from their forested homeland, the Warka people struggle with daily survival, and many are controlled by the fear of the spirits they worship. With the New Testament dedicated in their language, hope is being planted in the community and they wait in anticipation for the foundational stories of the Old Testament.

Thank you! This project has been fully funded for the year!

the Need
Warka families are trying to adapt to a new way of life. Traditionally hunters and gatherers, the Warka community must now farm vegetables and cash crops. Most Warka people do not speak the national trade language, which leaves them vulnerable to exploitation; they often receive only a fraction of the full value of their harvests in the marketplace and many of their neighbours consider them unintelligent. Stripped of their dignity and ashamed of their identity, many people turn to alcohol. Drinking soon consumes most of their meagre earnings, leaving them trapped in a destructive cycle of poverty and addiction. The OneBook Warka New Testament project introduced people to the gospel message in their language when they dedicated the New Testament in 2022. The New Testament is having a great impact on the community, and local church leaders have decided to continue the project in hopes of exponential growth for the Warka church.
The Project

Team members trained by our national partner in South Asia have made the commitment to:

  • Translate a selection of stories and writings from the Old Testament.

  • Help believers craft oral Bible Stories and release them digitally for easy access.

  • Make the Warka Scripture accessible in print, audio, and digital formats to those who want them.

  • Assist the Warka church in preparing materials to teach children.

  • Teach people to read and write their language through literacy classes held in Warka villages.

Translation Progress










An “I Do” of Their Own
The Warka believers couldn’t wait for Aarav and Anushka to get married. Traditional weddings had long been celebrated in their community with rituals passed down through generations, but Christian marriages were conducted by believers from outside the community using liturgy only available in the trade language. Araav and Anushka were determined their wedding would be different. For the first time in the history of the Warka church, their ceremony would be conducted solely by local people, and fully in the Warka language. Araav and Anushka’s families spent countless hours working out the wedding plans, and the pastors of both village churches helped to get everything ready. When the wedding day finally arrived, much of the community gathered to witness Araav and Anushka exchange vows in their heart language. It was not only the first step of life together for the young couple, but also a new step forward for the young Warka church.
Hunger in His Soul
It was the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. Shanti’s barn was full, and his family had the luxury of many delicious ripe vegetables to eat. It was during this season that he went to see the “JESUS” film that was available in Warka. He had seen the film before in Hindi, and it wasn’t a bad story. He went to watch, just for something to do. This time, as he watched the story unfold on the screen accompanied by the narration in his heart language, Shanti became deeply aware of a hunger in his soul. “I am very glad to see this film made available in our language,” says Shanti. “I had seen the same film in Hindi, but I have never quite understood all of the things mentioned. Now I can understand everything, and the people in this story are saying things exactly like the people who speak my language."

“I was waiting for this day to come. The day I can hold a Bible written in my language in my hands. Now nobody can say that we are following a foreign religion. I am looking forward to the time when we will have the audio Bible in our language. Then those of our people who cannot read and write and who might never read or write can hear the Word of God and understand its message of truth.”

Warka speaker

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