All board members are significant donors, passionate about Bible translation, and are active volunteers in Canada and overseas with our indigenous partners.

Carol Janzen, Board Chair – Prince Albert
Chartered Accountant and business owner.
Reid Wilke LLB, Vice Chair – Medicine Hat
Lawyer with Smith & Hersey Law, specializing in corporate and farm/ranch work.
Bruce Cameron, Board Treasurer – Toronto
Retired educator and senior board administrator.
Elizabeth den Otter, Board Secretary – Toronto
Air Traffic Controller at Pearson International Airport with a degree in Aerospace Engineering.
Ned Benner, Board Member – Calgary
Having previously served as Chair of the OneBook board, Ned is passionate about building God’s Kingdom through leadership, mentorship and giving. His has held various leadership roles in the communications industry for over 28 years and has been are actively involved in his church for over 35 years.
Bruce Smith, Board Member – Orlando, Florida – President and CEO of Wycliffe Associates – leads the acceleration of Bible translation in 75 countries. Also, former COO of Mission Aviation Fellowship in the United States (MAF-US).
Peter Vandenberg, Board Member – Winnipeg
Entrepreneurial leader of a high end custom jewellery, and jewellery distribution business; Peter is passionate about marketing and has extensive experience in church and business leadership. He is actively involved in church, drama, and music.
Jerry Poelman, Board Member – Fort McLeod, Alberta – Canadian beekeeper and honey producer.