The Word goes Local.

It’s hard to imagine of the 7,000 languages worldwide, almost 4,100 do not have access to the Word of God, and of that number nearly 1,900 do not have a written form of their mother tongue!

Every child of God deserves to experience His Word in their own language. Language is key to identity, self-expression, and community. Yet, for many of the world’s minority people groups, language barriers lock them into a life of poverty, isolation, and damaged dignity. It is estimated that as much as 40% of the world’s population does not have access to education in the language they speak and understand best , even though it is widely agreed that mother-tongue instruction is critical for lessons to be truly understood. Heart language is even more important when communicating the great love and teachings of Jesus.

Few among the minority people groups OneBook serves can read or write to a functional level in any language. This literacy deficit hinders them from accessing education, healthcare, and information crucial for social and economic development. Many of these people groups have a rich oral tradition society, but lack any written form of their language.

Working in partnership with national organizations, OneBook is transforming communities through language development, Bible Translation, mother-tongue literacy initiatives, and functional literacy programs. Our projects are rooted in the fundamental belief that wherever possible local people serving in their own country, among their own people , are best suited to implement projects. Local people are empowered, equipped, and encouraged; relational partnerships are forged with local institutions such as churches and schools; and local culture is respected and preserved.



To resource national partners, empowering them to effect spiritual and social transformation through Bible translation, literacy and Scripture engagement programs in their own languages.


1. God's Word

God’s Word empowers people to live transformed lives, when it is available in their heart language.

2. Prayer

Prayer in our daily lives allows us to seek God for wisdom, strength and blessing as we interact with our partners and donors.

3. National Leadership

OneBook has a fundamental belief that indigenous people in their country, among their own people, are the best suited to implement their own projects. OneBook’s role is to support and encourage them.

4. Serving the Church

OneBook serves the global church in Canada, Africa and Asia so that local people, communities and churches can fulfill their role in building the Kingdom of God.

5. Relational Partnerships

OneBook forms strong partnerships locally and globally, based on relationship, mutual respect, integrity and a shared passion.

6. Team

OneBook believes that mutual trust and respect among every member of the team are essential for a healthy work environment.

7. Innovation

OneBook seeks to improve and enhance impact and transformation through the continued development of best and better practices at all levels.

8. Measuring Impact

OneBook is committed to ensuring that we, and our partners, are excellent stewards of what has been entrusted to us by not only reporting on activities and results, but through evaluating outcomes to improve impact.


Language translation partners
Guinea Bissau – ITA – 3 languages
Burkina Faso – ANTBA – 3 languages
Cameroon – CABTAL – 17 languages plus capacity building
Kenya – BTL – 3 languages
South Sudan – 3 languages
Sudan – 1 language
Nepal – 8 languages
India – 14 languages
Indonesia – 4 languages
Myanmar – 3 languages
Philippines – 2 languages
North America – Rain Ministries – First Nation Version


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