National Aboriginal Day June 21, 2016

“This version is relevant to who we are and how our ancestors would present it. I can see a large group of elders sitting around a fire speaking in the manner presented in the book. Miigwech for all your work and effort. I know this comes at some sacrifice, but it adds to the reestablishment of our identity, as Native people, and helps reconnect us to those ancestors who lived on this continent before the pilgrims came. Miigwech! (Thank you)!”

June 21st is Aboriginal Day!

Across Canada various events and activities will take place, as we celebrate and recognize our First Nations people and discover more about the richness and gifts that the First Nations people bring to our nation.

OneBook has created some relevant resources to use for this special day.

It is estimated that only 5% of all First Nations people are Christian, and probably one of the least reached people groups in North America. As a result, the First Nations people are entrenched in generational experiences defined by government sponsored, church-run residential schools mandated with eradicating their culture and language.

And now, six months after the Truth and Reconciliation Report was published, many are still reflecting on what reconciliation may look like.

OneBook believes that true reconciliation must include sharing the Great Story of a loving Creator and his son, Creator Sets Free. That’s why in 2015, we partnered with a group of First Nations people in developing a culturally rich Bible translation written by and for the First Nations community across Turtle (North America).
Our prayer is this Bible translation will help with reconciliation and healing.

Join us in celebrating Aboriginal Day, and as we continue to pray for the First Nations people.

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