3 Key Elements Needed for Bible Engagement

Community. Conversation. Confidence.

Those three simple words are having huge implications for churches and Bible agencies throughout Canada. We’re all facing a similar crisis – Bible engagement is at an all-time low. In fact, not only are less people reading the Bible, they also have low confidence in its message.

And that’s a scary reality!

The power of God’s Word is fundamental to OneBook’s drive to connect with Canadians who fund and encourage local Bible translations in 12 countries in Africa, Asia and North America.

Having a Bible in their own language isn’t enough, however. Bible translation is just part of the equation. Only when it is introduced alongside literacy programs and community engagement (conversation and community) does Bible translation have a lasting impact for people of all ages. This is a commonality between Canadian churches and the developing countries that OneBook serves.

Without engagement, there is no change.

OneBook, along with other Bible agencies, have partnered with the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada to form the Canadian Bible Forum. The Canadian Bible Forum’s goal is to “promote collaboration and cooperation amongst Bible Agencies with a shared vision of working together to maximize the access and impact of God’s Word in Canada and the world.”

The Bible Engagement Study discovered that people who fellowship in community together, such as in churches and in small groups, develop conversations about the Bible, and that leads to growth in their confidence in the Bible.

It’s easy to feel discouraged, but there is hope. Will you join us as we pray for Canada and for Bible engagement?

May our passion once again be like those who engage with the Word of God in their own language for the first time!