First Nations Version Update: Georgina’s Story

On a balmy December day just days before Christmas, the OneBook Ontario office was busy with activity. As some staff were driving to pick up a very special printing – literally hot off the press, other staff had assembled the necessary supplies and were ready to begin stuffing padded mailers and making numerous trips to the Canada Post outlet; all to ensure that the special packages would arrive before the end of the year. One could easily assume that Christmas presents were being sent out, and in a way, they were an extra special gift.

Literally hundreds of packages were mailed out, and each contained a printed draft copy of the Gospel of Luke in the First Nations Version (FNV)!

The Gospel of Luke (FNV) has reached the community-checking phrase of the Bible translation process and has been sent out to First Nations leaders, community members, churches, and supporters. What also makes this version so special is it’s written for First Nations people – by First Nations people. It is entirely in English, and yet, in a narrative, storytelling paraphrased style.

The feedback we’re receiving has been great, but what’s even more exciting is hearing the inspiring stories about the impact this version is making in the lives of people. God is at work and stirring the hearts of the First Nations people as they read His word in their heart language.

Recently, Georgina received a copy, and we couldn’t wait to share a bit of her story.

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