The Best Gift Ever

Just a few days after Christmas, the Chamku translation team in South Asia received the gift they’ve been praying, working, and waiting to receive for eight years. A van carrying boxes of fresh-off-the-press Chamku New Testaments pulled up outside the project office. Soon, boxes were being opened in a flurry of excitement. Finally! They held the books in their hands. It was the answer to their prayers – God’s Word in their heart language. They gathered together and thanked God for this wonderful Christmas gift.

Chamku villages are located high in the mountains of South Asia, beyond the reaches of transportation infrastructure. Distributing the books to the local people was no easy task, but the translators volunteered to make the trip with no hesitation. Their journey began with a twelve-hour bus ride aboard a cramped vehicle winding precariously along uneven roads. Next, the translators and accompanying porters loaded the books into heavy backpacks and set out towards the villages on foot. It was a long, hard trek, but they arrived in just one day.

The translators had arranged to hold the dedication ceremony for the Chamku New Testament in conjunction with a local church’s tenth-anniversary celebrations. Men and women, young and old, Christians and non-Christians gathered to take part in the simple dedication. Not long ago, Christianity was unknown in South Asia, and the name of Jesus had never been spoken among the Chamku people. The start of 2016 is a triumph of the Holy Spirit that this remote mountain village rang with praise and thanksgiving for God’s Word! Following the prayers, the New Testament was released to the public. The people were overjoyed, clamouring for their own copies of the book. Some wept, others shouted with joy while some quietly traced their fingers over the title on the cover or caressed the crisp new pages.

Mr. Dharmendra was among the first to purchase a copy of the Chamku New Testament. He sat down and started to read right there amidst the crowd. Palpable joy radiated from him as he read the printed words and understood them. “I am very happy today because God speaks our language!” he exclaimed, unable to contain his excitement.

With the New Testament in the heart language of the people finding its way into Chamku homes, many more men and women are experiencing the joy of reading and understanding God’s Word. Even non-Christians are delighting in their language by reading about Jesus. We pray that the hearts and lives of all who open the pages of the Chamku New Testament will be transformed forever by the truth they find there.

Thank you to all our donors who helped to support the Chamku Scripture translation project. Please join us in praise, as we thank God that another language minority group is receiving His Words in their mother tongue for the first time. Please pray for the Chamku people, that they grow in their faith, and more people will come to know Jesus through reading this Chamku New Testament Bible.