First Nations Version Project Update

This week a team of 11 First Nations people have gathered to continue working on the First Nations Version project. Working from a location set up on Blackfoot territory, in the foothills of the Canadian Rookies, the team is tasked with working through the 350 key terms that will be used in the First Nations version.

Key terms such as angel, demon, forgiveness, sin, reconciliation, mercy, prayer, rabbi, teacher, high priest, may appear straightforward for North American Christians, but they are loaded phrases for First Nations people. It’s critical that the translation team chose appropriate, culturally sensitive colloquialisms for this translation before they continue with the translation work.

Supporting the team of 11 will be a small team of OneBook and Wycliffe Associates translation experts whose role will be to guide and facilitate. Their desire is to ensure that in every way this is truly a First Nations Version.

Join us as we continue to pray for the First Nations Version translation team, and their support team as they tackle an important part of the translation process.