First Nations get their own New Testament

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OneBook is partnering with Rain Ministries to develop the First Nations Version (FNV) of the New Testament. This is the first time OneBook is supporting the development of a Bible translation project in North America.

This version of Scripture is primarily an English paraphrase and will enable over 7 million English-speaking First Nations people across North America to read and hear in the ‘Creator’s Eternal Word’, so to speak, or in the vernacular that reflects their heart language.


By tradition, First Nations people are oral storytellers.

By tradition, First Nations people are oral storytellers. The  FNV is a retelling of the Creator’s Story—or the Scriptures in the tradition of the storytellers of these oral cultures. Many of the First Nations tribes still resonate with the cultural and linguistic thought patterns found in their original tongues. This way of speaking with it’s simple yet profound beauty and rich cultural idioms, still resonate in the hearts of First Nations people.

The FNV will take in consideration contextual word choices, idiomatic expressions, and modifications in paragraph and sentence structure that clarity and facilitate understanding of the Scriptures. Bible translators will be continually concerned with maintaining the accuracy of the translation and its faithfulness to the intended meaning of the biblical writers as understood by First Nations people in their context.

As with all OneBook projects in Africa and Asia, the FNV Bible translation project will be owned and led by an indigenous group of Bible scholars, pastors and lay people from across North America. They have been charged with providing leadership to the translation process in a contextual manner within the framework of biblical excellence.

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