One Girl’s Courage

Adia had always loved school in her rural village in East Africa. Although her mother tongue was the O language, she understood English (the language of instruction) quite well. However, her parents depended on her help in the town market, or when reading English labels on medicine bottles and farm supplies.

Adia waited 10 years before she learned to read and write in her mother tongue.

Adia waited 10 years before she learned to read and write in her mother tongue.

Adia dreamed of becoming a teacher herself. But one day, shortly before taking her secondary school exams, her life took a sharp turn. A sudden arranged marriage was a shock! Her new husband could neither read nor write and had no interest in learning. He ordered Adia to drop out of school and work only at home. She was heartbroken. Was it the end of all her hopes?

Ten years passed.

One day, two visitors from the OneBook Bible translation and literacy project offered to teach community literacy class in the O language. Adia was excited at this fresh chance to achieve her dreams. She was the first student to sign up for the class! Furious, her husband immediately left her.

Eagerly Adia learned to read and write her own language for the first time. She went on to graduate from secondary school, and then enrolled in a teacher-training course. Initially the only female O-speaker in the class, seven other women soon followed her daring example. Impressed with her courage, her husband eventually returned and reconciled with her.

Because of courageous women like Adia, attitudes towards women’s education are changing!

OneBook actively support local communities to develop literacy programs to help men, women and children to read and write in their mother tongue. This in return enables local churches to share God’s Word, as translated Scripture becomes available, with greater effectiveness. Click OneBook Literacy Projects to learn more.

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