How rich is our language!

Recently the project coordinator from the Rinconada project in the Philippines shared this story with us.

A few years ago I was courting and recruiting three of the local pastors to join in our review committee checking orientation. They were not fully convinced of translation work. I received discouraging statements when one of them said, “No need to translate the Bible in Rinconada because people can understand Tagalog and even English. You are only wasting your time and money.” Can you believe it when the two pastors after three months finally joined us in our Reviewers Committee checking?

Mother tongue translators Boi'nun project

The translation team in the Boi’nun project: Pastor Rollan, Merle, Bryne and Emy


It was a big surprise for me. He visited our office and asked forgiveness. He shared that when the team had their community checking in his village, he observed that those attending were enjoying the checking and many questions were posted by the community people. Before they went home, he approached the team and asked for an extra copy. He read it over and over again and he was fully convinced. The Bible in the mother-tongue would transform lives.

The following day, in his radio program, he congratulated the team for doing the great job of Bible translation.  He invited everyone to visit the translation office and asked for the print-out of any book the team had translated.  He shared his testimony over the radio about the impact of God’s Word in their heart language.  He said, “Reading God’s word in your heart language is like a needle that flow in your blood stream. How rich is our language!  From now on, I promise to pray for the translators and their staff of Rinconada and Boi’nun.”

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