Blind, but seeing God’s Glory

Often when testing comprehension of a newly drafted passage with members of the community, people don’t just give us their time, but they also encourage us to continue and thank us for giving them the word of God. Like when we recently tested the passage in Acts about Paul’s decision to go to Ephesus with an older blind man in the town of Cabança Novo. After finishing the story the blind man called out: “Moreira and Tcherno, please pray for me, since it is perhaps because of my sins that I’m blind. But when I see you, I think of God’s Glory.” 


Jola Felupe Translators: Tcherno Djedjú and Moreira Djatá

This spurs us on to seek ways to finish the translation of the New Testament quicker, like a farmer that can’t wait for the crops to grow.
It is a privilege to be part of this ministry of bringing true sight to many still spiritually blind people.