Bissau is celebrating!


Bissau is celebrating! All main roads are closed to cars to protect the throngs of people marching towards the parade grounds or just milling and enjoying the bands and lively and colorful crowds. This is because today is parade day – the big day of the Carnival. Trouble is that with our flight’s three hour delayed departure from Dakar, Senegal, we land just as the roads are closing.

I wonder, if Theis, the accountant of ITA  (our local Bible translation and literacy partner), will be able to get through with the car? But once border and custom formalities conclud, there he is just arriving at the car park and giving me a friendly wave. But to get to our destination, the churches centre, is another story. Theis has to take multiple deviations through narrow dirt covered lanes, often full of marching and celebrating youths to be stopped over and over again by Police, that bar us the way, as car’s are not supposed to be circulating. Thankfully he knows his city well and after some huge detours we wind our way through the crowds of the narrow lane of the Bandim market to arrive finally at our destination, the guesthouse of the church.