“On the way”, as they said

For the next week I am in Africa visiting the various bible translation and literacy projects we have in Burkino Faso and Guinea-Bissau. We arrived safely in Ouagadougou (Burkino Faso), though it was late at night. The trip back took longer than expected partly because of the literacy class that we visited “on the way”, as they said (that was approximately 65km excursion out of the way!). The Koromfe area is large and we really were glad that the literacy coordinator went ahead of our vehicle on his moto to guide us to the village. Where the literacy class is held, there was really no road, he had to guide us through the bush, on a small path through the thorn bushes and small trees, over sand and rocks.

The class was all women, except one older man. Many of the men from the village came watching and observing, as they normally don’t do things together (men and women) here. We asked the men who watched if any had any of their wives in the class. A young man proudly (I think he was proud that he already had two wives and also that they attended class) said yes, that his two wives were attending the class and he felt that was a good thing for his household. (The region is 99% Muslim)

B2 literacy class in Sanga

A photo of the literacy class in session in Sanga that was “just on the way…”


The Church here in Koromfe is really just a small group of believers. In this region that has 15 or so churches, the majority of the attendees are Christians from outside the region, that have moved here because of their work in administration, teaching and/or gold mining.

Hamadoum, one of the translators and a former Koran teacher, mentioned as a prayer item that we could pray for a young woman. She is married and has accepted Christ, but refuses yet to go to church for fear of being banned from her family and children. However, she is willing to meet Hamadoum on market days in secret, to pray and read the Bible together. Pray that this woman would grow in her understanding of God during these times and that she would become bold for her faith.

Please continue to pray for me as I travel throughout these countries. Thank you for your support!