Bibleless People

Bibleless people. Have you ever heard that term?


Burkina Faso women work hard to earn a meager living


Around OneBook we often use this term to describe the people around the world who have yet to receive a Bible in the language they have spoken since they were a child, their mother tongue.

Like you and me, Bibleless people are rich in culture, history, language, and relationships.
However, they desperately need opportunities for positive change. 

Bibleless people are RICH … yet POOR. They,

  • Speak a complex language
    …yet can’t read or write a word of it.
  • Survive skillfully in remote areas
    …yet are often cheated in the local marketplace.
  • Labour to earn a living
    …yet have little access to medical care. 
  • Yearn to learn new things
    …yet lack an alphabet to help open the door to education.
  • Own a rich cultural heritage
    …yet don’t know God’s story of love and redemption. 
  • Hunger for spiritual life
    …yet hear little, if any, Christian witness. 

OneBook partners with churches worldwide to reach the 50 million Bibleless people in 250 indigenous language groups in Africa and Asia. Would you prayerfully consider supporting these projects? Would you come alongside us and pray for these Bibleless people that have so much but yet so desperately need to know the love of God?