What is a consultant?

A translation consultant is an experienced translator who has been specially selected for further training, in order to be equipped to review other translators’ work for accuracy. They are selected on the basis of the excellent translation work they have done in the past, their educational background, and their personal and interpersonal skills.

Some consultants are expatriate missionaries who have worked for extended periods of time in a country or region. However, many of them are aging and the pool of consultants from abroad is shrinking. Thankfully, local translators are being trained to be consultants as well. They are learning to do excellent work checking the translations of others.

How are consultants trained?

Carl is an example. He has been working on a translation of the Bible into his own mother tongue. A few years ago, his supervisor noted his good work and recommended him for training as a consultant. He attended a series of three workshops in a neighbouring country, and is also learning Greek along with a few other people. He has led short checking sessions under the watchful eye of a mentor. Before long, he will be checking materials independently. The training process may take about five years.

4 Consultant check Hebrews

These consultants are working hard to review the Keliko New Testament.

As the pace of translation increases and new strategies to work in clusters of languages become functional, the need for well-trained translation consultants increases. In some countries, there is a back-log of material waiting to be checked by a consultant before it can be printed and distributed. Please pray with us that more consultants – of high caliber – can be trained to meet this pressing need.