We can talk to our Father in our language!


A Ngombale woman reads the Lord’s Prayer in her mother tongue

Learning the Lord’s Prayer at the Catholic Church of Malapa:

It is early morning in the village of Malapa in Western Cameroon. After a refreshing rain, women make their way to their small church to attend the morning prayers led by their Catechist Boniface. Today will be a special service as Boniface hands out to each of the women a small poster with the Lord’s Prayer in Ngombale on it, that the translation team has just published. Under the leadership of Functional Literacy Coordinator and church member Nathalie, the women go over the text and learn the wording in their language.

How much more does this speak to their hearts than the previous version in French!

And as the meeting comes to a close and the women recite the Lord’s prayer in Ngombale together, I can’t help but feel very touched.

Isn’t it wonderful, that our God understands the language of our hearts and we don’t need to learn a biblical or trade language to communicate with him?

After holding hands while singing a final hymn in Ngombale we all leave with joy from the little old church, in the knowledge that our God is a personal God.  He is the God that has created us all, whether we are Africans or white. And we know that He loves us and wants to communicate with us and wants us to bring our needs to Him.